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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Space Bubbles and other Musings

I realized with all clarity this morning that I require a large space bubble. The only few exceptions to this are close family. I work in a job that requires me to deal with people on a regular basis. Most of the time they come for paperwork and are gone within a few minutes. I can briefly tolerate this invasion into my space bubble because it is more of a passing than a lingering. What I have discovered is that I detest when someone stands or hovers over me. If there is a delay I prefer they take a seat. I do not need someone staring at me or tapping a pen on the counter while I focus on my work. I need my space people!!!

In other musings, I found myself thinking about how great it would be if my office were more like the television show The Office. Instead of staring at the clock as the day drags on I could be entertained by the Nard Dog singing, play a prank on Dwight, or sit through one of Michael's infamous staff meetings in the conference room. I guess this place can have its office moments. I have a gm who doesn't think twice about throwing around jokes involving race or sexual innuendo. Still it lacks the diverse character quality that brings so much life and fun to the show. I suppose this is the magic of talented writers, but I wouldn't mind some of this magic just for a day.

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