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Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Me Again

2011 was a rough year. I am thankful for the pockets of blessing and relief throughout, for without them I surely would have completely broken down. I have had a lot of things to say, but for the sake of healing I have chosen to stay quiet a little longer. The end of 2011 brought one last punch that I thought I would not recover from. While I contine on the path of healing and recovery I will post intermittently. I do not try to be vague to frustrate people. I believe openness and honesty are key, but not at the expense of moving past periods of extreme fragility and vulnerability.

I would like to share one insight I have gained. It is that we as humans suffer extreme short term memory loss. I have seen God come through in many ways, but I always seem to doubt He is capable of doing it again. This may come off as a little silly after what I just said, but He is capable. I may doubt it again tomorrow. There is one who is out to lie and destroy me. He will stop at nothing as he sows his seeds of doubt. This I know that deep inside there is confidence. It is the peace that will set me right on course again when I start in disbelief. God is capable, in fact He's more than capable.