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Monday, September 28, 2009

Welcome to the Age of Technology

I have forever been behind the curve of cutting age technology. Oh I know how to use a computer Mac as well as Windows, but when it comes to the latest and greatest I am usually a few years behind. This is mostly attributed to my penny pinching ways, which I'm sure you have all heard about by now.

The same has been true of every cell phone I have owned. My motto was always give me a phone that rings, and I will be happy. Each time my cell phone was eligible for upgrade I went in and asked for whatever I could get that was the closest to free. I kept said phone until it could no longer function, and the cycle began again.

Today all of this will change. I will be the owner of a brand new blackberry curve. It's not the coveted iphone, but I refuse to switch to ATT for those priveleges. Of course I am only getting this because we received an exceptionally good deal. I'm sure to many of you seasoned cell phone users this is humorous. I don't pretend that I will even know what to do with a blackberry. I will most likely spend hours pouring over my instruction manual just trying to figure out all the functions.

In the end as long as it rings and I can pick up a call with good reception I will be a happy camper.