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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Lately I've been trying to imagine a world where change is not possible. A place where all the mistakes and hurts of the past hold a firm grip on today. A dimension where restoration is not an option. I have been fortunate to experience the opposite of these dreadful alternatives. Sadly I realize that the current state of our world dwells in this place of disparaged hope more frequently as time goes on. We jump from one dream or fantasy to the next never really believing that there is restoration for who we truly are.

I have experienced restoration in many aspects of my life. Most recently I have experienced the process of restoration in my marriage. It is an act in progress, but I want to shine the light of hope. There is no needs for details. Almost every married couple today has come to face that day when it is either choose to step it up or simply walk away. Skeptics beware I am about to throw down a lot of God centered truth. You may disect all you desire. I still love you. My experiences are real. I have known first hand what it is to go from darkness into the marvelous light of God's truth. One of those resounding truths is that God is a God of restoration. He can take the jumbled pieces your life, relationships, family, and bring them to wholeness. We have this crazy idea that we can somehow fix the messes we have made. This makes no more sense than a toddler trying to crazy glue the fragmented pieces of his mother's precious vase. Try as hard as he may, the finished product will probably be more dysfunctional than when he began.

I believe the greatest act both Chris and I have brought to the process is an open, humble heart. We can't do this in ourselves. This is something we have agreed upon that must occur on a higher level than ourselves. People will alway let you down, and I hate to tell you this, but you are almost guaranteed to let yourself down at one time or another. I am constantly perplexed as to why people keep bouncing from one relationship to the next looking for that perfect someone who will NEVER let them down. In our marriage we have decided this is it. If God is the only one who can be trusted it is about time we put our full trust in Him!

I can tell you from experience that the process is so sweet once you are moving on the other side. God's desire is for your restoration. It is His desire for you to be all He created you to be, and it is His desire that we engage in right relationships with one another.