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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grandma Lucy

My paternal grandmother died of cancer over twenty years ago. I was just a toddler. I don't remember a lot about her. My memories are more like fuzzy pictures, almost like a dream. I remember her face, and not just from pictures. I remember they had some sort of a shed with a freezer and she took me to get a popsicle there once. It's weird the things you remember from childhood. Even though I was so little I felt her love. I remember the stories my dad told about her and I know she was a wonderful women who played a great role in our heritage of faith. One thing I do remember quite vividly was her funeral. I remember seeing her in the casket. I don't think I was scared or afraid. It was more surreal. I also remember the graveside service. I thought it was strange that during the service the minister tossed sand our her casket. Later I understood it was symbolic of the "from dust to dust," but it was still confusing as a child.

My grandpa eventually remarried a women named Lucy. I was five and she was pretty much the only grandmother we new as kids. I'm sure we drove her crazy when we came to visit running around the house and backyard, but we loved her and we knew she loved us. She took care of my grandpa through heart attacks and various health issues, and put up with him even when he had a funny way of showing he cared. She was never there to replace our grandmother, but the heart has a great capacity to grow with love if we only allow it. Since the day she came into our life she has always been known as grandma Lucy.

This week my mom received a call that grandma Lucy was diagnosed with cancer in her bowel. She is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. As I write this I am filled with all of the uncertainty a diagnosis like this brings. Cancer has touched our family more than once, and it is never something that grows easier to handle. I can only ask that your prayers be with her. I pray that she has the peace that only Jesus can bring when we face circumstances that are beyond our understanding and control. I also pray that my grandfather will be at peace and feel our love. He must now face this prognosis for a second time with another wife. It cannot be easy.

In the end I am without adequate words. All I can beg is for your prayers. What else can I say? We love Lucy!

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