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Monday, May 18, 2009

Refinancing You are My Enemy

not really, but you're not my best friend either. I became so caught up in the excitement of lowering my monthly mortgage payments that I completely forgot the dark side of applying for a home loan. It is a pain in my backside. At the moment when you are patting yourself on the back for mailing off every document pertinent to your life as well as your distant relatives, you get the call, or e-mail in our case. It always states something along the lines of thanks for your information, but we are going to need just a few more pieces of information and a blood sample. This always ends in us rummaging through paperwork like mad men trying to locate something we were sure we filed some time ago. I know my credit is not perfect, but does making payments on my home for the last three years without any late payments mean anything? Come one people I did this even when the rate was ridiculously high so can't we just process this loan on some good faith? Ok I know I am going overbaord. I just needed to vent. Now I'll get back to rummaging. Now where did I leave that old vial of blood?

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