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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Turbulence Ahead

I have flown my whole life. I can't even recall my first flight, but you log a lot of air miles as a child when your dad works for an airline. I took the whole experience in stride. I even recall calming a few adult passengers when turbulence occurred and their agitation was high. Ironically my fear of flying has grown as I have grown. I'm not sure if this has something to do with worldly awareness, recent terrorism, or just the simple recgnition of my own mortality. Needless to say I am always hoping for a smooth flight in the days preceding any travel. When the pilot comes over and says their may be a little turbulence ahead I start to brace myself for the worst, but more often than not time passes and I look back a realize it was nothing more than a few bumps in the road so to speak.

I give this long analogy to preface my story for the day. I woke up to a typical Thursday, relieved it is one day closer to the weekend, but sad I still have two full days left two work. I hopped in the shower and decided I needed to pray. The shower is one of my favorite places to pray. In there it is just me and God... no interruptions. With things going along so well at home lately I dared not wonder when the next bout of usual domestic turbulence might arrive. With my day started out on the right foot, I was ready to go. I get out to find Kaylie downstairs laying on the couch still not feeling well. She has been sick for a few days. Chris and I start a discussin on what to do, and we both have our opinions. I take something said the wrong way, and then realize it is getting later and I could be late for work. This is where in my head we hear the captain come overhead,"Fasten your seatbelts, we may be experiencing some turbulence." There is apart of me that has a tendency to get defensive in tense situations. For once I decided to just shut my mouth. We made it to work and I decided to just let it go. Life is to short and I love my husband.

The point of my story is building upon yesterday's blog. I find that when I have let go of the control and allowed God to take preeminence the dreaded turbulent times become nothing more than just a few bumps in the road. The forseen nose dive suddenly becomes just a light chop. We are all human and until that glorious day of redemption we face a real world with challenges big and small. Will I slip up sometimes? Oh most definitely. Fortunately the grace and love of God are in hot pursuit of all who will let Him in. I'm hanging on to Him. It should be a beautiful ride!

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