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Friday, March 13, 2009

Rainy Days

Most people hate a day like today. I have to say I would like it much better if I was in Seattle. I love how we all instinctively want to curl up in bed, rent movies, and eat soup or chili. We humans are such creatures of habit. It is no wonder marketing geniuses make millions of dollars every year playing off our predictable insticts and emotions.
If I were in Seattle on a day like today I would bundle up in rain appropriate gear and mosey on down to the Pike Place Market. I can just imagine the smell of fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, and the salty smell of water drifting in from the sound. I would grab a hot plate of fish and chips and then head into a local coffee shop with a good book and enjoy a rich breve latte.
Back to reality in Texas on a Friday at work. Hey a girl can dream.

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