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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This is the best word I can use to describe where our family is at right now.

Micah started doing something I never thought we would see. He slept through the night. It started at the end of last week, and he has kept it up. Of course he and Kaylie continue to grow physically. Soon Micah will be toddling around the house, and I know I will miss him wanting me to hold him all the time. Kaylie has decided she is a big girl. If I even call her my baby she firmly states,"no mommy, I'm a big girl!" or my favorite, "mommy, I'm not a baby, I'm a people." Where do kids come up with this stuff? I see Kaylie growing internally as well. She is more thoughtful about abstract concepts. We have talked a lot about spiritual things such as dying and where heaven is. It is exciting and a little sad as I realize there is nothing I can do to freeze time. All I can do is enjoy the moments and make the most of time.

Last week was definitely a watershed moments in my life as well as my relationship with Chris. For some unexplained reason a lot things came to a head that I had not properly dealt with. So many feelings of guilt, fear, and sadness finally were released, and we were able to have such a wonderful time of talking and sharing. God has totally shifted me in the past few weeks. There is so much peace in our home now. Not that things were always bad. In fact things were usually fine, but I know that because of underlying factors we were not experiencing full peace and joy.
As we have been going through the financial peace course it amazes that as we choose to discipline one area of our life that so many other things start coming into line.

If there is one thing I would like to impart from this whole blog is the power of release, and really letting go of the things that so easily hinder. The easiest choices are the hardest to make. Each day I am choosing to walk in forgiveness, choosing to love my family with abandonment, and choosing to let all of these choices be fueled by God's love and the work that Jesus did on the cross. Without His love all these decisions would be in vain.

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