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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Up,Up, and Away

We are out of here this afternoon. After a harrowing evening of trying to decided if I packed too much, maybe too little. Should I just bring the kids entire closet? Packing for kids is difficult. Packing for a baby is just plain crazy. Diapers,wipes, bottles,formula, and that's not even starting with clothes. I really don't mind in the long run. We could just skip all of this mess and wait until the kids are older to travel, but life is too short to let a couple nights of intense packing mania get in the way of the fun.

Truth be told, my greatest dread is the point we leave home until we are safely seated on the plane. I understand the threat of terrorism is never to be taken lightly, but the TSA doesn't make it easy on parents with small children. It starts as we try to juggle our luggage, stroller, baby carrier, and hand bags into the airport while keeping a close eye on Kaylie making sure she doesn't wander off. Any line is formidable with children. Will I be able to keep Kaylie entertained long enough? If we make it to the front of the line, she will inevitably tell me she has to go the the bathroom right that second. We finally make it to the security line only to pull off all shoes and pull out any items from our bags that could even pose the slightest security risk. I keep Kaylie's hand firmly in my own while keeping a tight grip on our shoes, tickets, and other personal belongings, just praying that we won't be pulled aside for another check. When we make it through there is the mad dash for the gate and then the waiting begins. We are usually always flying standby on my dad's passes so we are eagerly anticipating our name to be called to ensure we will have a seat on the flight, and hoping they don't separate us from the kids. Yes they have done this before. Usually we can find a kind soul who either feels sorry for us or doesn't like the thought of sitting next to a curious, unattended three year old. Once we are on the plane I can take a sigh and relax for two seconds until I hear that familiar phrase..."mommy,I need to go to the bathroom."

Yes it's all still worth it!

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