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Sunday, January 25, 2009

California Here We Come!

Ahhh vacation. The words always sound so sweet! We are headed off at the end of this week for what seems to be a yearly trip to California. We always discuss other ideas, and we always say we will do something different next year, but here we go again. Honestly it just feels like home, and we know we can relax here even with two kids. We also got a really good deal on some Disney tickets. Three days for the kids price. This probably will be our last trip here for awhile...seriously. We would like to take the kids to Disney World in Florida, but we decided we want to wait until they are both a little older. It is so big and there is so much to do we want everyone to be able to enjoy it without diaper changes or bottles to make.
We have been truly blessed to be able to get away for the kids so often. It has helped that my dear dad works for American. I am excited to say we have paid for the trip completely with cash, and with the use of some creative budget planning it will come off being quite affordable. Gotta love priceline and restaurant coupons! My parents are going to come out for a couple of days because Disney has a promotion going on right now. If you come on your birthday you get in free. My dad's birthday just happens to be the 30th. Who could pass that up when you can practically fly for free! I know it will be a welcome break after 2 weeks of hard work in Africa.
We are also going to take a day and go to Santa Monica. I love the beach and all of the quirky shops and entertainment. It is so invigorating. I am looking forward to sharing the tradition once again with my kids. I keep telling Kaylie she should be so thankful for the opportunity she has been given. She may still be too young to understand, but I never want her to take for granted what she has. It is amazing to look back at past trips and see how she has grown.
Here she is on her first trip,only 4 months old.

A vacation right after her second birthday
Her most recent trip.I look forward to the new memories we will create with our kids, and the fun that comes along with it. Now I need to focus on cleaning and packing before work starts back up tomorrow.

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