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Thursday, February 5, 2009


One week ago I was preparing to leave on a jet plane. Now here I am safely back home and settling into the routine once more. I enjoy the chance to get away. It puts all the work and daily humdrum into perspective. I am invigorated to come home and put my best efforts forward once more. It was not a particularly restful vacation in the literal sense. We were up early and usually out late walking most of the day. There were moments when a curious three year old and a five month old made us more than weary, but it was wonderful all the same. Pictures will follow soon.

How could it be February already? I feel like I just took my Christmas tree down. I am back to working my full time schedule. It really is hard to wake up Thursday and realize I still have one more day to go. I know, I got spoiled. The larger paycheck will help soften the blow.

I wrote a blog a few months titled hydration. I've been feeling dehydrated once again lately. It's not that life is bad..far from it. I just long for something fresh in my life. I was reading someone'e blog about the rain. They talked about God refreshinging us physically with rain as well as spiritually. I long for rain in my life. I want to feel the closeness of His presence saturating my being. I want to know His loving kindess in a new way. I know things will be different. I just don't know when.

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