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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekends Are Too Short

Summer weather is kicking into full gear here in the great state of Texas. As kids start getting out of school, I find myself longing to be a kid getting out of school for summer break. I could easily fill my days with swimming, snow cones, riding bikes, and sleeping in. Alas those days have past, but they sure are some great memories. In the meantime I try to fill my weekends and some weeknights with swimming, snow cones, riding bikes, and sleeping in. Maybe I should scratch that last one as referenced by the time stamp on this blog!

In spite of a short weekend, we always try to make it a good one. I decided it was time for a picture blog. We decided once again to get season passes to NRH20. The kids love it, and it gives us somewhere to go when it is too hot to do anything else on the weekends. This was Micah's first chance to swim. He and Kaylie are having a blast!

Micah spends a lot of his weekend time playing and just being cute.

Kaylie has spent a lot of time practicing riding her bike. She actually did venture out of the garage and went on a three mile ride!

This weekend we attended a graduation lunch for my cousin Monica at one of my favorite places, Italliani's. I remembered to bring my camera to a function so here are some pictures.
aylie and I trying to look natural
The handsome boys in my life.

Mom and Melody

Micah really enjoyed the bread.
Kaylie decided to serenade us at the end of the meal.

It was a good Saturday, and I even got to go shopping for some new shoes and an outfit! Thanks Chris for making me fit it into the budget. :)

The only thing that could have made it better is if dad was with us. He's still plugging away in Africa until July. We miss you!

I will try to keep my camera handy this summer. I know the pictures add a little life to the blog for those who get bogged down with all the words. You may have noticed I have added advertisements to the blog. It has become an opportunity to make a little extra debt snowball money so if you have a moment check one out and help a girl out. No pressure :)

Have a great weekend everyone. It may be short, but make it a good one!

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