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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Going Home Time

Once again another successful work week is on the way to being completed. The Memorial holiday was so enjoyable that this had to be a four day week just to ease me back into reality. Tonight I will go home and revel in the fact that I have one day left at work and a delightful weekend ahead. I will top this with a delicious pizza from Nino's Pasta ~Pizza. I promise I'm not getting paid for this, but if you're ever in the North Arlington area you have to check it out. Nino has been serving up some awesome New York style pizza and pasta for years off of Green Oaks and Forest Ridge. We have been regulars since I was a kid. He even became my customer at Starbucks for the year I was at Collins and Green Oaks. He's a great guy with a great staff. They always remember our usual, and it feels like going to family's for dinner.
If your in the neighborhood check it out. You won't be disappointed.

So this was not a deep, introspective blog, but it will have to tide you over till tomorrow.

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