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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Springing to Life

What a lovely day it has turned out to be. Yesterday's gloomy weather coupled with a Monday had me feeling a little blah, but today truly captures the essence of spring. I wish I could take credit for the picture, but even though I did not take it captured the vibrancy I was feeling. After a long week of feeling sick and then just trying to get back to a sense of normalcy, I feel so energized. This can only mean one thing. Look out house you are about to be cleaned!!
Today my husband sent me flowers at work. It made me feel so special, and I couldn't stop grinning like a school girl. They are some lovely multi-colored tuplips. If I had a camera at work, they would have been the picture on my blog. They are even more special since it was a "just because" gift and not a holiday or anniversary. I am so honored to have such a sweet and thoughtful husband even after 6 years of marriage.
In other Medrano news Micah started crawling this past weekend. He started off crawling a few inches, but he finally got the hang of it and he is starting to head all over the place. Even though he can crawl his favorite is sitting up. No matter what he is doing he loves to be sitting up. He looks so proud of himself. He just beams at everyone. We caught him trying to pull himself up last night. I think he still has way to go, but we decided we better drop the crib soon or he may be tumbling out!
I really need to post some recent pictures. I just lack the patience to upload and then sift through all of the pictures and then pick just a few from so many. I will make an attempt to by the end of this week. The kids are just too precious not too.
Now I better wrap up here at work. It's almost home time.

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