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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Packing Up Stuff and Keeping the Memories

Before I launch into today's blog, I want to conclude a little bit from my last blog. I do not have much to say at this time, but God is doing a work in my heart and life. Each day is a new day with its own battles, but I have the promise of abiding peace in Jesus. I will share more about the journey a little farther down the road.

Although we are still a few months out from selling our house and moving, we have already begun the tedious task of consolidating, cleaning out, and throwing away all that we have collected over the years. I have a love-hate relationship with change as I believe many people do. There are times when I grow weary of the stale routine, but when change is on the horizon I find myself clinging to the comfort and security of what I know best. As I begin to take inventory of what will come with us and what will have to go I fondly recall the wonderful memories we have experienced in this home, our first home. I knew from the beginning this was not the place we would settle down, raise a family, and grow old in. It is still not easy to let go and realize someone else will one day move in and make their home here. Someone else will sleep in my room, someone else will move their things into the rooms my children have called their own. Another family with gather around a dinner table in the place we used to share meals. I know I am a little sentimental. We are transitioning into a new phase. In the end it will be better. Sooner than later we will find that place where we can put our roots down, as Chris would say.
I may pack up a lot of stuff, but I will keep the old memories along for the ride.

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Ahh memories....