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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mucus You are My Enemy

I attempted to go back to work yesterday. This turned out to be a bad idea. My voice was bad and I could not hear very well out of my right ear. I lasted three hours with everyone begging me to go to the doctor in case I had contracted bronchitis from Kaylie. I finally decided to go home, but I really wanted to hold off on going to the doctor. I went home and slept for a couple of hours. I woke up and it just kept feeling like it was getting worse. My ear was starting to hurt. I finally decided to bite the bullet and go to a Care Now since it was too late to get into my family doctor. I actually got in right away thanks to their web checkin. Chris took off to meet me at the doctor. I was diagnosed with a right ear infection, and an upper respiratory infection,no surprise their. The doctor prescribed me some flonase to make the stuffiness ease up in my sinuses, and some antibiotics for the infection. I also got a steroid shot for some immediete relief. That really helped and I actually woke up feeling refreshed. Here I am back at work. I'm not totally back on my game. I still have drainage, and I am still waiting for my ear to pop and relieve the pressure, but that will just take time and the antibiotics starting to kick in. One thing I am pretty excited about is regaining my sense of smell and taste. I have realized that life is so much more fun and beautiful when you can taste your food and smell the air. I've had a stuffy nose, but this is the most severe I can remember. All food tasted like sawdust in my mouth. I can't help it, I love the taste of good food. Having these things taken away from me made me realize what wonderful gifts from God they truly are. I'm hoping once the weekend gets here I will be feeling more like my old self. Kaylie is almost back to normal. She still wears out easily, but she wants to do more. Micah is still fighting a cold, but he is such a good natured boy he hasn't been too fussy about it. I just feel sorry for the poor guy when he gets to coughing late at night. Chris has been lucky so far, hopefully it will stay that way. He has been such a great husband taking care of me and dealing with all the medicine, doctor runs, etc. I love him so much.

So here's to nice weather and getting over this sick season!

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