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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Much Better

Saturday turned out to be much better than Friday. I finally broke down and apologized to Chris Friday afternoon. It helped clear the air and we were happy once more. Yesterday was the big love fest day. I personally have nothing against Valentines. Even when I had no one I was never one to dress in black or go indulge in overeating. Simply put, Valentines does nothing for me. Chris and I have gone out to dinner a few times before, but we just don't make a big deal out of it. I prefer birthday celebrations and random acts of love to a one day mandated holiday for it all. I just feel the day takes the personal factor out of it, but hey that's just me. If you do love Valentines than I hope you had a great one. The only reason I really do anything for the holiday is because of Kaylie. She loves every holiday, so I try to make them as special as possible. We taught her how to cut out little construction paper hearts (we did the cutting) and she received plenty of cookies and candy.

We spent our Saturday going to the park with the kids an then took Maverick to the doctor for a weight check up. At his yearly exam a month ago he weighed 122 lbs. We were told he needed to get to 100. I was so nervous about this weigh in. I have been trying to monitor him at all times so he doesn't help himself to extra treats around the house. He has been walking a lot more, but it is really hard to keep a yellow lab from scrounging. Well it turns out all of that hard work paid off. Maverick lost 8 lbs!!! The dr. was very happy with his progress. With a little more work Maverick will be the biggest loser =) The greatest reward for us is hoping we can keep him with us a few years longer.

After all of that excitement we were starving. We had spent week and a half eating all of our meals at home and bringing lunches to work. We are trying to stick to the budget and be a little more disciplined. This is a huge accomplishment for us as one of us usually ends up snagging a fast food meal at lunch during the work week. I had been craving some Chinese food for some time. We decided we could work in one meal out for the week at our favorite and very affordable Royal Panda. It was so awesome! You really do appreciate the little things more when you delay instant gratification.

We finished the day off by getting back to the plan and heading to the store for grocery shopping. This part is definitely a chore, but we always shop together so it's not too bad. All in all it was a good Saturday. Today we are going to go to the park and grill hot dogs as long as the weather is favorable. What a great weekend. I love my family!

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