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Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Friday and I feel Blah

Why does this Friday feel uncannily like a Monday? My early morning relief that it was Friday was interrupted when I woke up and wondered why it was so light outside? I groggily look at my cell phone and realized it was blinking the missed alarm message. It was five till seven. I should have been walking into the office at about this time. Since I am the first person to open the front door and turn the phones on I move into panic mode. Who do you call when you are the one who needs to be there? I found my bosses number and told her I would be a little late, and if anyone called to check where I was to tell them I would be there soon. She was surprisingly cool about the whole thing, but it did little to pull me out of my frenzy. I began to rush around and realized while running through the house trying to get good cell reception I had left the light on in Micah's room. We heard him up and crying. That makes for a stressful backdrop when you are under pressure. When I get stressed Chris and I usually end up in a fight which is exactly what happened. I'm sure it was mostly my fault, but when we have a fight I usually just feel horrible all day. Luckily a lady I work with forgot that I was working Fridays again and she had arrived at seven to open. It was definitely one of those beautiful ironies.
I tried to settle into some normalcy, but the fight kept gnawing at me. Of course trouble had to be lurking. I had quoted a price for a delivery yesterday and accidently left the sales tax off. The customer called in an outrage wondering why his total had changed. Some people just know how to make your day better. Once again things were smoothed over, but it just didn't have me feeling very great. To make matters worse I let the stress get to me and my eating habits. With Valentine's being tomorrow there were several sugary treats around, and my stomach is hating me for indulging right about now.
Oh Friday why must you parade as a Monday?

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