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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ludicrous, Yet Politics at Its Finest

Can someone please remove the man with the forest animal on his head? It may be a danger to all of us.

I am going to say this in my best girl with an attitude voice,"Oh no he didn't!" Did this man really just appoint a replacement for Obama's Senate seat? He's a gutsy man I say, a gutsy man.


vac513 said...

LOL at the animal on his head. :) This is Alyson, by the way. I am going to start leaving occasional random comments! Yay!

crystalmedrano said...

Yay, thanks for leaving comments. I saw vac513 and I feel I distinctly remember this name from junior high, am I correct?

vac513 said...

You do remember correctly. I have a hard time remembering exactly how I came up with this name, but since it is an odd combination of letters and numbers, it tends to always be available. Thus, Vac513 lives on. :)

Happy New Year!