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Monday, December 15, 2008

Line Dancing=Holiday Entertainment?

Saturday evening we found ourselves at the mall waiting in line to see Santa Clause. This is the first year Kaylie caught onto the idea and she determined that no matter what she would see Santa on Saturday. The winding line did not deter her and we found ourselves with the hundreds of other parents waiting to see the jolly old man.

As we stood waiting a group of middle aged people began to set up near our line for what seemed to be some sort of holiday entertainment. The music kicked up and I realized we were caught smack dab in the middle of some good old fashioned Texas line dancing set to Christmas music. They even had cute little shirts that said "Dancin 'n' Line." Now I have lived in Texas almost my whole life and have never developed an affinity for cowboy culture. I understand everyone has there own preferences, but line dancing has never been one of those activities that seemed like entertainment for an audience. If you enjoy it as a personal entertainment great, go out and have yourself a grand old time. But really, can we seriously call a few combinations done in a line holiday entertainment? It truly was painful to watch. There was a small crowd gathered of obvious friends and family. The rest of us were held captive against our will as we waited in that hopelessly long line.

Now that I realize how easy it is to get a spot in the holiday line-up, I may grab my ipod and docking station and head out the mall and find my own little corner to perform. Jumpin Jacks to holiday music will be my schtick.

For now I'm stuck in Texas. Merry Christmas ya'll!

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