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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

A good majority of our outings this year have been to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. What better weekend outing than the chance to get outside and enjoy beautiful weather in a serene setting. The best part is the price. There is a nominal fee for the Japanese Garden portion, and of course we always bring money to buy food for the koi fish. This was a very special visit because is was Micah's first trip. At least the first trip he was not chilling in my uterus. He is just getting to that stage where he is becoming very aware of his surroundings. He was extremely calm and peaceful as his little eyes soaked in the surroundings. He smiled and cooed a lot, which melts the heart at any time. Kaylie enjoyed herself as always. She woke up early just to remind me today was the day we were going to feed the fish and turtles.
The one thing that always gets me about the gardens is all of the "photographers." Everyone gets too engrossed in their own projects that it literally start looking like a group of photographers taking pictures of another group of photographers. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the art form. I love taking pictures when we are there. It's just something about the weekend when I see a million flashes going off around me, and we have to be careful where we walk in case we ruin a picture. Sometimes it is just nice to enjoy the surroundings without running into a tripod. Of course I did take some pictures of my own, but I try not to take it too seriously on a day like today.
I leave you with a classic picture for the day. We just happened to catch this as we were coming around the pond. The bird dove into the water and grabbed a fish and swallowed it whole. Poor Kaylie was briefly traumatized. I guess we all have to learn about the circle of life sometime!

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