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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shaking Things Up

I've talked a lot about him, and I'm sure most of you readers know him, but we're going to get a little crazy here. Chris will be guest blogging for me within the next two weeks. I thought it would be fun to hear some insights from my best friend and partner in life. I've given him permission to write about anything he wants. Chris wasn't exactly keen on the idea, but I know you'll give him a warm welcome! Stay tuned.

I know my audience isn't very large, but I see I've received a few hits from around the globe so I thought I'd address the name change you may or may not have noticed. I've wanted to change the name for some time, but I went through a little blogging drought so it all was placed on the back burner. Suddenly the inspiration to write just hit me, I love when that happens! It got me thinking about changing things up. I'm definitely no web guru so it may be awhile before I have a fancy template, but a name is somewhere to start.
I chose Coffee for the Journey because to me writing, reading, and sharing is like a good cup of coffee. It brings people together in a special way. There are many flavor profiles. There are many ways to enjoy a cup of coffee. In the end it's not so much the drink, but the sense of community it brings. Please if you are not a coffee drinker do not feel isolated, pull up a comfy armchair with your favorite hot beverage of choice and jump into the adventure.

I'm happy to have you all along the way again. Please feel free to join in the conversation, or simply read and enjoy. 

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