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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Feeling Frazzled

Maybe it's just a hitch in my routine, I'm not entirely sure, but today has me feeling frazzled. We had an appointment with the Dr. this morning to get some yearly check ups done for the two oldest. Micah needed some booster vaccinations. Yes I have chosen to allow most vaccinations for my children, but I support those who make the decision not to. I always dread office visits. I appreciate the advent of many modern medical technologies, but sometimes a visit to the doctor seems to be more of a quiz on my parenting decisions, than simply a check up. I believe it all started when I told the doctor I chose not to give my children the flu vaccine. For more information on that decision you can red this link:
I'm not here to debate what is right or wrong, but you would have thought I had told the doctor I would prefer to leave my children in the freezing cold with no food or clothing.
Ok maybe that's a little exaggeration, but I know she was not happy with my decision, and she made sure to make several comments and leave me an informational pamphlet in case I changed my mind.
Parenting is a tough job. I struggle daily to make the most informed decisions possible for my children, and sometimes still second guess myself. It can be even harder in a world full of opinions and helpful advice waiting to be dispensed at every corner.
All of this has built up to one frazzling day as I try to steer clear of what everyone "thinks" and still try to maintain my patience while wrangling a toddler and teaching the older ones. 

I guess you could say I need an extra dose of grace today.  It's not just an extra dose for me, but for me to share with those around me. Even as I write this I realize I have been a little thin skinned. Sometimes to truly benefit from the grace Christ has poured out upon us we really have to extend that grace to others, even when it feels like we are on the end of an attack. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go give my children a hug and ask their forgiveness for letting my frazzling day become their frazzling day.

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