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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When God's Ways are Not Our Ways

I am still scratching my head. How did we go from sitting at a chik-fil-a with the kids on a Saturday to a leukemia diagnosis on Monday? The human mind was not made to process these whirlwinds of change. For those who are completely lost a brief summary:
Saturday my mom called to tell us she was taking my dad to the ER. He had been drained all week and started having chest pains and feeling winded. Heart disease runs in his family so he worried he was either having a heart attack or at least some serious blockage. While this was not welcome news to me, I felt prepared for this. My grandfather is in his 80's and survived two heart attacks while still putting right along. I knew this wouldn't be easy, but I knew he was doing the right thing by going in early. I figured they would get this fixed and he'd be back on his merry way in no time.

We all rushed up to the ER and crammed into the tiny room. They had drawn blood and noticed it was low. They were talking transfusion to get him back up to par. Still nothing seemed weird at this point. A Dr. showed up and said he was their to look at the blood results and he would be back with us. After a really short period he was back. He started explaining the results of the blood test. My dad's red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets were all dangerously low. He was told he basically had no immune system. I'm just trying to process what this has to do with having a heart attack when I hear the word Leukemia thrown out. Wait what is he talking about? Did he not realize we were here for chest pains? He obviously had the wrong room. It is amazing how many thoughts flash through your head in a single moment when life delivers you a swift slap to the face. I didn't want to appear weak, but my eyes flooded with tears. This was my daddy, the guy who's always strong, nothing unexpected happens to him. Immediately the Lord spoke to my spirit, Crystal, you know I am good right? Of course I do, but God can't I just have a moment? This kept impressing on my spirit. I felt that we should begin to pray. I knew it was God's desire for us to to acknowledge His goodness no matter what the circumstance no matter what the outcome. So we set the stage for what was to come. I am sorry Satan, but you have already lost this first battle, God is good and you will not convince us otherwise.

They had to take a bone marrow biopsy Sunday to confirm what they suspected. Late Monday the doctor delivered the preliminary results which confirmed acute leukemia. He wanted to begin treatment right away. The prognosis is good because he caught this very early, but the window is short. We were told if he had waited even a month, he could have been dead. If you asked anyone they would never see a blessing in a family history of heart disease. For once I do. If my dad had no history of heart disease he probably wouldn't have taken those chest pains as seriously. He probably would have attributed his tiredness to a cold or virus coming on. While the chest pains ended up being related to the anemia from his blood, God used those warning flags to preserve his life.

I am still processing all of this. I anticipate many blogs to come as we fight this fight together. My dad has at least two weeks in the hospital while they begin the first rounds of treatment. The biggest goal is to build his immunity back up. It is a miracle that he has not caught anything the week prior as he went about his normal life working and being around people.

It may sounds strange, but this has been one of the hardest , but sweetest weeks of my life. As we lean heavily on the Lord and each other it has built such a sweet sense of unity. I have enjoyed just sitting and talking with my dad. Suddenly a lot of life's silly distractions just don't seem that important.
I love my dad so very much. I believe my heart hurt more because I did not want to see him walk through any pain. All night Saturday I thought about being a little girl again. The times that were simple and unmarred by the hormones and drama that the teenage years bring. I thought about the many times my dad needed to tell me something important, something I might not really understand. He would sit me on his lap. Sometimes he cried, but he was always a source of strength. I miss those days sometimes. I learned so much about the great character of my dad just being with him. Now we are at a point where we need an even greater Father, our sweet Father God to hold us both on His lap. His ways are not our ways, but He is faithful to hold us when we just can't quite understand and be a source of strength.

We have appreciated so many people who have visited and sent comments and prayers. We continue to enjoy visitors but ask that anyone who is sick refrain from coming at this time. Even a common cold could be dangerous with his current immunity levels. We have also been asked by the doctors not to allow any flowers, plants, or fresh fruits and vegetables in the room due to the bacteria they can harbor. Cards and prayers are always welcome.

We are standing in faith that God will bring complete healing to my dad's body. I am believing that he will come out not only healed but completely rejuvinated in mind, body, and spirit.
If you take anything with you today please let it be that God is a good God. He remains the same no matter what the circumstance or what the outcome. He does not change. Blessed be His name!


Anonymous said...

Crystal you are such a Blessing and God has given you this talent to write these blogs I had to stop reading half way theough to the part about him being your Dad and always being strong it hit me hard then i finally got to get through the rest of it.Hard to absorb the Drs reprot I prayed and had him put on the prayer line and i was trully believing for different results and when i heard this i was dissapointed with the results but i still believe no matter what these reults are My God never fails us he is the same yesterday today and forever and he never changes and he is going to bring him though this and his family and God is able to take this attack that has come against his body and turn it around for good for a healthy life for a praise report of what God has done even if it is through meds God works though those things and he is more than able to do whatever we hope or ask him for nothing is impossiable for him He is God and i know he does heal I cant answer why some is and why some isnt but i know just to trust in him give it to him he is in charge and the devil is a lier and he will be stopped in his tracks from attacking Gods child and take back everything the devil is trying to steal from your family and a;; of you are going to come out of this thing Victously and the devil is defeated God is going to be with you Guys all the way and i believe you will be writing nit just a blog but a book of the miracle Healing from God in your Dads body and their will be thousnads of peoples lives changed throug this they will be saved healed and delivered.I am speaking health into your Dads Lynns body by Jesus stripes he is healed I speak to the immune system to line up with the word of God and to the white blodd cell red blood cells platet count to be normal in the name of Jesus and for complete strnth to him now in the name of Jesus nothing is to hard for God I speak to sickness and disease to leave him now it will not dwell in him any longer it has to go in the name of Jesus enough is enough the devil has to stopped because greater is God that is in us than he that is in the world so Healing goes to your dad now and all cancer cell have to go now and not come back so be strong and know you have alot of friends on your side and God is with you he will never leave you are forskae you he loves you and your family and you will have the Victory over this thing

Kari Lowrie said...

This is so good, Crystal. Last night I was mowing the yard and I was thinking about y'all and some others that are walking through extremely severe and unexpected circumstances. I was praying for God's grace and mercy to be poured out for each circumstance and to each person affected.

I felt this rise up in my spirit. For myself and for y'all and for others, this is an opportunity.
An opportunity to feel more of God's love.
An opportunity to see more of His faithfulness and power.
An opportunity to grow more dependent on Him and see a revelation of Him that we may not otherwise experience.
An opportunity to gain something that He will use to bring fruit not just to us but to generations to follow.
I am praying and believing that what the enemy intends for harm God will use for all of our good!
I send my love to your whole family. You are not alone!

crystalmedrano said...

Thank you, this was very encouraging. I could not agree more. As we face these trials as a unified body that rises up to declare God's goodness, we become an unstoppable force. Thank you for the love and prayers.

Jerri said...

Crystal, you are such a great writer! I felt like I was right there with you. Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart with us. We are fervently praying for your dad. He is special to all of us!