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Friday, September 10, 2010

How I Came to Not Hate Football

There was a time when nothing struck dread into my heart more than waking up on the first Sunday morning of the season to the voices of Terry Bradshaw and crew on the Fox NFL pre-game show. It only meant one thing... it was football season and I was powerless to do anything but sit by and wait until the fever that plagued most of the country finally passed.
I know I am the odd ball out here. I mean football is as American as it gets, right? Of course being from Texas it should almost be a given that I spend my Friday evenings and weekends following this hallowed sporting event.

It wasn't really a problem for me during the first portion of my life. No one in my family is an avid football fan so we were all happy to hit the malls or restaurants while everyone else was glued to the t.v. Sunday afternoon. Yes life was completely, blissfully football free until I met Chris. My sweet, kind, lovable fellow was perfect except for one tiny little issue...Chris LOVED football. Of course being the sweet, kind, lovable girl that I am I made it quite clear that I HATED football, and that while I loved him he should not expect me to participate in any football shenanigans of any kind. Those first few years of marriage I tolerated it. Chris was extremely gracious and would forgo a game many times just to appease me.

I cannot pinpoint exactly when the change occurred. Perhaps it is my great love of fall that will not allow me to be brought down. I have to say I have slowly gone from completely cold to warm to the pig skin. For once I decided to put aside my prejudice and see the joy and comraderie that this sport brings to people. People's countenances change this time of year. There is something rejuvinating about people from all different backgrounds rallying together as the season finally starts to give way to cooler temperatures. Now I haven't completely gone off the deep end here. There are still many things I would rather do than watch football, but now football and I can coexist peacfully. I love the excitement on Chris' face when the season starts. A Sunday may consist of him watching the game while he plays around with the kids in the living room. I will light a pumpkin candle to give the house a nice fall scent. I may make some pumpkin bread, and if we are lucky we can open the windows and let some cool air in. The best part is being together even if it's not my favorite pass time. I am lucky to have a guy who still puts me first, and will not hesitate to help around the house even if a game is on. Hopefully I have become a little more gracious towards him because our marriage is a lot happier when we both delight in making each other happy.

From one non-football fan to all you crazy football lovers out there

Happy Football Season!!!!

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