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Thursday, March 25, 2010

It Could Have Been One of Those Days

I just needed some coffee this morning. With the remnants of a an upper respiratory infection still lingering, I just needed a little jumpstart to the day. I try to go to bed early with the knowledge that I need an adequate amount of time each morning to perform the fundamental tasks that lead to a successful day. Unfortunately I have been dragging this week. No matter how early I attempt to go to bed there are always things to be done before I can actually meet my pillow, i.e. kids that need to brush teeth, read bedtime stories, pray, and cuddle.

I say all of this to preface what was about to occur this fine Thursday morning. I pull into the Starbucks drive-thru (I know I am deeply ashamed to admit I used the drive-thru, but with my kids in pajamas I had little choice) and place my order. As I pull closer to the window my car starts to make unfamiliar sounds that have me a little concerned. I look down to see my clock flickering. I put the car into park and then the car is dead. I am surrounded. There is no way out of this one without a little embarassment. I realize that staying in my car will not make the situation disappear so I get out and calmly go to inform the driver behind me I am stalled. Of course just as I am going to tell them someone else pulls in line. This could get ugly. There is only one other thing worse than stalling on a highway during rush hour, and that is getting in the way of other morning commuters and their coffee. The next step was to haul my kids out of the car in their pajamas to inform the employees that I have stalled in their drive-thru and beg for a little help. I was lucky to find their is still some human kindness in the world. I was about to get the kids out when I see two Starbucks employees running to my rescue. Second point of embarassment was scaring the two nice guys with my monster dog that I kind of forgot was in the back. He really is a nice dog, but gets a little over protective when two strangers start pushing his car. It all ended better than expected with my car coasting to a parking spot completely out of the way from the caffeine feed line.

My mom is the best mom ever. I don't know how people can live far away from family. I mean I know it is possible, but I cannot tell you how many times my parents and even sister have come to my rescue when I'm in a tough spot. She came right over to try and give me a jump. Speaking of human kindness and gentleman working construction on the main road came over to help jumpstart the car. I suppose we were not the most car savvy looking individuals.

There was a brief moment of triumph when the car started, but that was quickly deflated when the car promptly dies as I attempted to back out. My car battery is not old, but this has not stopped me from praying that it is just a deffective battery. Of course it could be the alternator. We shall see.

It really could have been one of those days, but I am looking back on it and all I can do is laugh. How can one complain when I am blessed with family and strangers who have helped without a second thought? Of course it is all a little frustrating. In a highy car dependent society I cannot think of one person that welcomes car trouble, yes this has been a confirmation of sorts. When we started the financial peace plan and total money make-over I was excited. As time goes on and the small victories are over and you are tackling the larger debts things can start to feel a little tiresome. Today I realized what that phrase of financial peace really meant. In the midst of this I realized I did not have that sinking feeling of panic set in. I am not thrilled at the prospect of spending money on the car, but I know that we have an emergency fund for this sort of thing. There was a time in my life when an event like this would set off a chain of worries. A car repair would have me scrambling to find funds to cover the expense and in the mean time I would worry about the daily needs we would just need to meet.

All of this has me eternally grateful. It could have been one of those days...nope not today.

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