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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Seed of Eternity

A week ago I had a talk with Kaylie about heaven. We have talked a lot about Jesus, but I felt it was time to take it a little deeper and talk about a more spiritual concept. I felt a little bit of anxiety trying to put such abstract ideas into a language she could understand. As we began to talk she would ask questions. I would answer the best that I could. I was genuinely surprised at how easily she received this information. Her child like understanding is not shrouded in adult cynicism, nor puffed up with a false sense of accomplishment as many are with human knowledge. She was excited and passionate about this eternal place where all who have put their trust in Christ will one day go. She kept telling me excitedy, "We will have a new life!"

I was so touched by her revelation, and a scripture from Ecclesiastes came to mind. It is a chapter many are familiar with. In fact a very popular song has come from it. It is the chapter that speaks of a time and season for all things. What stuck out to me was a verse that says God has placed eternity in the heart of man. Yes in the middle of this grand passage about times and seasons, all things which are so familiar to us on this earth, we are removed from this linear line of time. It is quite the realization that the concept of eternity is deep inside each one of us, whether you think you believe in God or not. It was this tiny seed that was planted in Kaylie's heart that opened her spiritual eyes.

We were created to live forever in relationship with a living God. Our humanity gives great creedence to reason and knowledge of the human mind. Unfortunately this has flawed our hopes of true wisdom. How can a finite mind process an infinite God? There is not reason for this, and to try and find salvation in our own abilities is foolish. For those who are jaded and unconvinced, for those who live for today as if tomorrow will never come, look in the depths of who you are and you will find that the seed of eternity is there.

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