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Friday, September 25, 2009

Eight Minutes

until the weekend. Let's see what I can update you on in this short amount of time. Hmmmm, well I filed, answered phones, billed, and cleaned and sanitized my desk. With this whole swine flu thing you can't be too careful.

Speaking of swine flu I've learned that this is the perfect excuse for any and all circumastances in the world today.
Late for work....
school closed due to swine flu and you had to find alternate childcare.
Have an accident....
you were busy sneezing into the crook of you arm just to be on the safe side and rear ended another vehicle.
Need an excuse for the family as to why you have not gone grocery shopping ...
even with sanitizer wipes those shopping cart handles are a hotbed for germs.
Need to get out of a dinner party...
crowds in a confined space, need I say more?

Well my eight minutes are up. I hope you all learned something important.

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