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Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Shoes

There is nothing quite like a new pair of shoes. This is especially true for a first pair of shoes. Micah has really taken off with walking. I suppose technically he had a couple pairs of soft baby shoes as a newborn. My children have never liked hats or shoes as infants so we never really purchased much. We decided this weekend it was time for Micah's first real walking shoes. He's still a little clumsy in them, and it will take some getting used to. He was quite the site toddling in an awkward but adorable stroll around Payless. He was grinning with pride from ear to ear. While witnessing this I am reminded that there is no turning back. He is growing every day. While his first pair of shoes will probably not fit long they symbolize to me all the places he will go. It is as if the whole world is opening up, and he will just walk right into it. Oh how I love my baby.

On another sentimental note, one year ago today Micah was due. He obviously did not agree with our prediction because I was still huge and sweltering in the summer heat.
As you can see I was trying to put on a happy face.

It is funny how in those moments time stands still. I really felt like he would never some out. Here I am a year later still scratching my head wondering where the time went. I apologize for these sappy, nostalgic posts. If you are a parent you should understand completely. If you are not, stick with me, you will probably understand one day.

So that is life for now. Children growing, buying new shoes, having birthdays. I am sure in about a week there will be some Christmas merchandise at Wal-Mart.

To conclude with the photo journey of life here are a few for the road.

Baby girl is getting so big. We have been asked repeatedly by retail clerks, acquaintances, and strangers if she is starting school this year. Nope she's just a tall and mature little girl. I wouldn't have her any other way!

I love this one of Micah. Look closely and you can see his first two teeth. He knows he can flash that smile and get just about anything he wants.

A short clip of some of Micah's first steps


ArtisanSavant said...

Sigh. So precious. :) Kaylie really does look older than her years. And I cannot believe that Micah is walking already. How crazy is that. I wish I lived closer to see these momentous occasions!

I'm glad you're doing well, friend. Hugs to you and yours.

crystalmedrano said...

I sure wished you lived closer too. I miss you old friend. Come on Texas isn't all bad. :)

ArtisanSavant said...

LOL! I know Texas isn't all bad, but man, I might not be able to handle all that traffic anymore. Here in good old OK, people drive under the speed limit. The last time I was on LBJ, I feared for my life!

This weekend I will probably be in Dallas... Let me know if you have some time to catch up. :)