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Monday, June 29, 2009

It's the Little Things

Back to work Monday. I didn't feel too much dread. It is my week to be off at four, and it is a four day week. Four just may be my lucky number. I'm not sure why getting off at four makes the day seem shorter. I am at work for the same amount of time. I suppose the old early bird from Starbucks days still resides within.

There is one things I really dread during the week and that is lunches. As a part of our total money makeover we have tried to reduce the amount of money spent on going out during the work week. I'm not one for frozen meals. This has relegated me to the plain old sandwich. Unless we have leftovers I try to stay positive once the lunch hour arrives. Usually it is just nothing to get excited about. Today I decided to add lettuce to my sandwich. I don't know why I haven't before, but when the clock hit eleven I remembered I had a turkey sandwich on wheat with some crisp lettuce waiting for me. Something about the crisp lettuce just added a little boost to the ordinary. I know it sounds silly, but it made all the difference. I also decided to buy some brie. I know it's one of those things you either love or hate, but I have a special place in my heart for some good wine and French cheese. Of course I can't bring wine to work so I decided to bring a small piece of brie everyday. It is like a small mental getaway to a picnic overlooking a vineyard somewhere in the wine country.

By this point you may be laughing at my peculiar blog or scratching your head as to why I would put any thought into a blog about my mundane brown bag lunch. I am finding life so much more pleasurable when I find little burst of joy in the common activities of the day because every prevalent memory is just a picture made up of all the little things.

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