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Friday, May 1, 2009

So Happy It's Friday!

I am sitting at work after a yummy lunch, and I so don't want to work anymore. I think everyone should have Fridays off. I would gladly work four ten hours days if it meant I got a three day weekend. It would also cut down on commuter traffic which would in turn cut down on smog. Come on people we all need to get on board! Of course I guess school programs would have to change to accomodate parents work schedules. Ok, so maybe my plan has some flaws, but a girl can dream.

My cousin is getting married tomorrow which means tonight is rehearsal and dinner. Kaylie is so excited to wear her "princess" dress. I just know between tonight and tomorrow I will be worn out. The wedding is at 10am so we need to be up and around early for hair and pictures. I'm just praying we can get to bed at a decent hour. No matter what I am sure it will be fun. Congratulations Andrea and Nathaniel!

Dad leaves tomorrow for his three month trip to Africa. We have spent a lot more time at the house including our last family dinner yesterday. We watched our family's favorite show The Office. I haven't really stopped to think that he will be gone for so long. I'm just used to going over there and him being around or in the office playing Railroad Tycoon. I'll miss him, but I know it will be a good trip. I believe it will be life changing.

There happens to be a plethora of topics in this intense political and economic climate, but today I am content to leave those things for another day. It is safe to say that more and more I remind myself that I am no longer of this world, and I must rest in the knowledge that this is not my forever.

Until next time dear readers, have a wonderful weekend!

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