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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jillian,you're killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My birthday has come and gone. Another year, another day that I have been blessed to walk this earth.
This years present to myself is 6 pounds of weight loss. It may not sound like much, but after 14 days of sweat and tears coupled with everyday trials and tribulations I have managed to bring the number on the scale down. Now that is progress! I have to say I love Jillian...she has motivated me in no way anyone could. She doesn't pretend it's easy or even fun at times, but she pushes you to reach heights you never thought you could. I started a three level system. Just the first level made me feel like I would die, but slowly I got more adept and it wasn't too painful. I finally summoned the courage to hit level two Friday. Whoa did it kick my butt. I thought the throbbing muscle pains from the early workouts were gone, but no such luck. I have felt muscles I didn't even know I had. What makes me even happier than the weight loss is the strength I feel. Instead of losing the weight in muscle mass and fat through some unhealthy fad diet, I can feel my body adapting and growing stronger. It is amazing how changing one facet of your life can spill into every other corner. I feel more confident because I know just because things are uncomfortable doesn't mean I give up, it means I press in harder and push through.
Hmmmm I think there could be a spiritual lesson in there somewhere. God is even trying to talk to me in my workouts. Anyway I just wanted to share my progress and excitement. I don't like to talk too much about it because there are always ups and downs. Never the less I just want to provide some encouragement to anyone out there who finds themselves falling in and out of dieting, exercise, etc. There is hope just keep pressing on!

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