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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Withdrawl

It amazes me how one day can change everything. How is it that Christmas decorations can seem so lively and festive on December 25h, but December 26th it all seems awkward and out of place. I suddenly realize reality must be faced tomorrow and somehow I must learn to face it without the glowing lights and soundtrack of merry Christmas tunes. In spite of the withdrawl another year is approaching fast, and a little spark of anticipation begins to grow in hopes for the new year.

I really wanted to add pictures to this blog, but I am just so terrible at sitting down and getting them uploaded and organized. I blog rather impulsively and this does not lend well to any form of organization. I will probably end up getting them all out in one huge picture blog. Never the less without the pictures to aid I will recount our Christmas day.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve. Dinner was wonderful and we pretty much followed the usual routine. I wrote Christmas letters for everyone, following the lead from my dad who had done this a few Christmases before. It made for a little teary eyed prelude to the gift opening, but what are gifts if no one knows how much they are really appreciated. Kaylie was very excited and a little overwhelmed with all of her gifts. Chris bought me a new 10.2 megapixel camera. After that I really should be posting more pictures. My brother also surprised us with a gift certificate for a night out together at Del Frisco's. That was pretty awesome as well. My parents gave us some gift cards and monetary gifts. We were extremely grateful and were blessed beyond our expectations. All of the kids chipped in to get my dad a blue ray player for his new T.V. Micah was pretty much content to sit by sucking on his fingers while we opened his gifts. My dad and I attended services Christmas Eve. It was especially meaningful. The last hymn we sang was Joy to the World. In the Luthern church everyone stands as the crucifix enters at the beginning of the service and then again at the end as we watch it exit. As we sang that last hymn I looked at that cross and my heart flooded with hope. In spite of economic woes and turmoil abroad everyone sang with such gusto. What peace we can have knowing who is in control. He truly does rule the world with truth and grace! We spent Christmas day at home with Chris' family. We had a very tasty meal, and it was relaxing to just be home. Overall Christmas 2008 was a complete success.

The last couple of days have been spent recovering. I barely slept the first half of this week. We all slept in yesterday. Last night we were able to reunite for dinner with my best friend from high school, her mom, and step dad. It was wonderful to reconnect remembering old times, and sharing what is going on in our lives. It has been so nice being off it will be hard going back to work Monday. Such is the cycle of life. Oh and I forgot to mention my other Christmas gift. I asked Chris for the Jillian Micahels 30 day shred dvd. Jillian is one of the trainers on the show the Biggest Loser. She is so tough, and has a tendency to make people cry, but for some reason I like her. She gets results. I read nothing but good reviews on the workout regimen so we will see. He also got me a nifty little watch I can wear when I work out that will take my heart rate and count the calories I burn. Now I'm not making a crazy new years resolution about weight loss. We will just see where it goes =) Losing weight would be great, but I also want to get my energy levels up and increase endurance. I am finding these are musts when you have two kids.

I will try to get pictures up tomorrow. Chris will be glued to the television for the last day of regular season football which means I will have some free time. Until next time!

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